Our Top Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is divorce expensive?

It can be if the parties are not in agreement on all issues. We represent clients in both contested and uncontested divorces, and usually represent a client in an uncontested divorce for a one-time flat fee.

2. What is a retainer?

A retainer is an advance of fees that are put into a separate trust account in the name of the client for the attorney to invoice against when working on your case. Said funds can only be used to pay the costs and fees of representation for your case.

3. If I have joint custody, does that mean my children stay with me half the time?

Not necessarily. Joint legal custody simply means that both parties coordinate and agree on major decision-making in the child’s life (medical decisions, education, and religion). If someone has a sole legal custody, they make those decisions without any input from the other party.

4. What exactly is custody?

Legal custody is described above.  Regardless of joint or sole custody, physical custody or visitation is routinely granted.  This ranges from shared parenting (or the children spending 50/50 time (or close thereto) with each parent) to standard visitation (which usually includes every other weekend, alternating holidays, and extended summer parenting time with the children).  In standard visitation situations, the parent with whom the children live a majority of the time is sometimes designated as the “primary residential custodian,” however, this has nothing to do with joint or sole legal custody (a common misconception). Email us your questions today for your free case evaluation.

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